Goodbye Mas des Brun. Thank you for 5 wonderful years! FARNIENTE--from the Italian fare (to do) and niente (nothing). Farniente is a new word for me, and an old one when it comes to naming a home (Jean-Marc tells me many French people name their homes farniente). Help us find a name for our new place, submit... Read more →

These are now the good old days. Yesterday we drove 2 hours north, to the notary's office, to meet 9 people involved in our complicated, 4-hour transfer of property. Ça y est! We've sold our home and vineyard! We move on August 21st... (Photo by the previous previous owners of this stone mas, the Fraser and Moss... Read more →

If there were sharks near our Mediterranean beach, I'd want to swim with my sister-in-law. She's a superhero--Batwoman and Wonder Woman combined! Read on.... SDF (Sans Domicile Fixe) : "without permanent home", homeless Sans Domicile Fixe--Click here to listen to Jean-Marc read the following French: Les personnes sans-abri, sans domicile fixe, sans logis ou itinérants, anciennement qualifiées... Read more →

"Let every belonging see the light" -- an epiphany I had while packing up my Mom's paintings. (photo of my Mom taken in Roussillon, around 2010) "faire des cartons" : to pack boxes Click here for today's soundfile: On fait des cartons mais, surtout, on se débarrasse de tout ce qui ne sert plus. We are packing... Read more →

Our 22-year-old, Max, had a wonderful send-off party at the beach in Les Lecques (that's him centered beneath the sombrero). His closest friends gathered to wish him well in Mexico, where he will be on an exchange program through May 14th, 2018. un pot de départ : farewell drink Bonne lecture - Happy Reading! If you missed... Read more →

Sometimes the best things in life are go swimming in the sea costs nothing. (Photo of the bay in Les Lecques and La Madrague Port in St Cyr-sur-Mer) "des clopinettes" : peanuts, chickenfeed, next to nothing Click here to listen to the following French words (English translation above) Parfois les meilleurs choses de la vie sont... Read more →

Eplucher is the word of the day. You've got to peel a few zucchinis to make this easy recipe.... Eplucher : to peel Click here to listen to Jean-Marc read the following sentence in French (English translation is above) Il faut eplucher quelques courgettes pour réaliser cette recette fastoche.... A DAY IN A FRENCH LIFE by Kristi... Read more →

Cannes, Cassis, Annecy...what is the best city to live in? Read the response below. la bonne réponse : good answer Listen to Jean-Marc pronounce the following French translation of our opening sentence: Cannes, Cassis, Annecy...quelle est la meilleure ville pour y vivre? Lisez la réponse ci-dessous. A DAY IN A FRENCH LIFE by Kristi Espinasse Saturday night... Read more →